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About us


Welcome to www.angellove.bg
Here you will find unique for the Bulgarian market highest quality products, including ones made from the highest type of cotton mako. Among them are the worldwide extremely popular brands LiaLea Andywawa. We offer products of other well established brands as Zeyland и Mininio.
Who is behind the project angellove.bg?
In short: Me, Tanya. Happy mother of the little Angelina.
My striving always to choose the best for her is what is behind angellove.bg. For several years, I search for the highest quality child clothing brands - fabrics, seam, design. I do travel, try, like, reject ... For me, the word 'compromise' does not exist when it comes to children. My long journey was crowned with success and affirmed two world known names that stepped at the top of my children's clothing rating - LiaLea and Andywawa. Together we traveled the path needed to get to know each other, through mutual sympathy and subsequently legalized our relations as today I'm their representative in Bulgaria. The children's clothing of several other brands as Zeyland и Mininio also earned my admiration and is part of angellove.bg.
Here you will find designer clothing for your children of extremely high quality, unique for the Bulgarian market. Each item is personally selected by me, with care for those who are the sense of our lives, the children, without compromise. Only the best!
I am open to your advice and feedback,
Love, for the children and you,

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    Bank account: BG42UNCR70001522324686   BIC: UNCRBGSF   Owner: Angel Love ltd.   HQ: Burgas 8000, Alexander Stamboliiski str.  no.32, 7-th floor   Registration certificate from АВ/20150216143702,   WAT number: BG203414179
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